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Crowns and bridges are very versatile in repairing and restoring damaged teeth or in replacing missing teeth. At Hillcrest Family Dentistry in Drayton, South Carolina, Jas Bhattal, DDS, offers crowns and bridges that fit comfortably and look natural. To learn more about crowns and bridges, call the office or use the online system to schedule an appointment today.

Crowns and Bridges Q&A

What are crowns?

A crown is a protective covering that’s designed and shaped to fit snugly over your tooth. Crowns are made of durable materials that can be tinted to match your neighboring teeth so they look natural. 

Crowns protect weak and badly damaged teeth, hide deeply-discolored teeth and dark fillings, restore teeth that are broken or cracked, and strengthen teeth that have root canals as well as those used to support bridges.

What is the process of getting a crown?

Because your crown will be custom-made, you’ll need to come to the office twice. At your first visit, your tooth is prepared for the crown, a process that involves removing a small amount of the tooth’s surface material to make room for the crown. 

Then, your provider at Hillcrest Family Dentistry makes an impression of the tooth to serve as a mold for the crown. They place a temporary crown on the tooth to protect it. 

At the second visit, your provider removes the temporary crown and places the permanent crown on your tooth, adjusting it for a perfect fit.

What are bridges?

Bridges replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge uses a strong, metal framework that attaches to prosthetic (artificial) teeth. 

A bridge is attached to the teeth on either side of the opening left by the missing tooth. It can be attached using clips so it can be removed, or it can be permanently attached with strong dental adhesives.

What is the process of getting a bridge?

Just like crowns, bridges typically take two visits. At your first visit, the teeth used to support the bridge will be prepared for crowns. 

Then, your provider makes an impression of the entire area, including the gap and the supporting teeth. The impressions are sent to the lab, where the bridge and crowns are made, and they place temporary crowns on your teeth to protect them. 

At your second visit, the temporary crowns are removed and the permanent crowns and bridge are placed for a comfortable and secure fit.

How do I care for crowns and bridges?

Crowns and bridges can be cared for with regular brushing and flossing and routine dental checkups, just like you care for your natural teeth. With proper care, your crowns and bridges can last for many years.

To learn more and see if a crown or bridge is right for you, call Hillcrest Family Dentistry or book an appointment online today.